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Do You Organise Your Own Event Or Use An Event Planner?

Have you ever wanted to hold that magical, perfect special event where every detail is considered, from the writing on the place cards to the colour of the cocktails? An event that you dream about and one that will stay long in the memory of those who are lucky enough to be invited. It may be that you want to organise a special celebration for a birthday or an anniversary, a dinner party, a luncheon for business associates or a corporate event that needs to make a big impression.

Time and Planning

It is a daunting task and the onus will be on you, so you need to ensure that you have the time to organise it successfully and that you are thinking about it far enough in advance so that you can arrange all of the elements. There is a lot to consider and it’s all down to the planning in order to make sure your event goes off without a hitch. Here are a few tips and things to think about for staging that “never to be forgotten” event.

• Date and Time
• Venue
• Logistics
• Food, Drinks and Entertainment
• Marketing and Advertising
• Budget

All of the above are interlinked and although you may think the date and time are the most significant, you may have to rethink if the venue that you think is perfect is not available on the date that you want to hold your special celebration.

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Date, Time and Venue

Think carefully about the day of the week. Will the people that you want to attend need to get time off from work? If so, would it be better to have it at the weekend? If your guests are predominantly mums, it will probably be best to avoid the school holidays. Would your event be more suited to a lunch, an evening or an all day event?

Securing the perfect venue is critical, as this will go a long way towards setting the right mood and ambience. Have you used the venue in the past or has it been recommended to you? Will there be enough parking and is it suitable for wheelchair access? Is the space large enough or could it be too big? You don’t want people jammed into an area and if you are planning a sit down meal, you need to know that there is enough room for everyone to sit comfortably. Does the venue have the equipment that you need, perhaps a stage is required or the right tools for a presentation?

Catering and Entertainment

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Food, drinks and entertainment can make or break an event. Will the venue be supplying the food and drinks or are you going to need outside caterers? If you are planning to have entertainment, book this well in advance to ensure that it is available.

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How Much Will It All Cost?

When considering budget, you will need to think of every possible expense and be realistic so that you avoid any surprises. Are you trying to make money out of the event or are you personally paying for everything?

How will people get to know about your event? Is it just by personal invitation or ticketed and if it’s a large corporate event, how do you best advertise and market it?

What To Do Next

It may seem a great idea to organise your own event but always bear in mind that it is going to take up a lot of your valuable time and you may find that it can actually be more cost effective if you use an event planner. They have all the contacts and can quite often get better rates than you can at venues and have all the experience for making sure that nothing is forgotten.

Lily & Lavender is a luxury event planning, design and styling company based in Sussex and organises events throughout the South East of England. We believe that every event, whether modern or traditional should be unique so please call us on +44 1435 866595 or use our contact form  to discuss your requirements. We will ensure your special bash has all the dash and panache that you deserve.

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