I debated what Lily & Lavender’s first blog post would be about – the choices were endless: more about our story; tips for picking a photographer for your event; making signature cocktails to match your decor… all topics that I will cover at some point.  I settled on a topic that relates to my favourite thing to do, wedding planning.  I planned my own wedding and looking back, while the big day was everything we hoped it to be and more, we really wish we had hired a planner we were both working the City and busy so it would have made our lives so much easier to have someone doing all the running around and attending to the finer details. So read on to discover why you should hire a wedding planner (hopefully me!) for your big day.

  1. Time – It takes on average 300 hours (yes that many) to plan a wedding – who has that kind of time! WE do of course! I know first hand that planning a wedding can be all-consuming. Hiring a planner can alleviate a lot of the burden so you can have a life outside of the preparations for your wedding.
  2. Savings – A great wedding planner can save you money. There is a misconception that wedding planners are for the very rich. In fact we can help a couple just as much if the wedding is on a more modest budget.
  3. Managing your budget – If we are working to an exact budget for you, we will stick with it. If your expectations are a little high, we will tell you. Managing the budget can be the most stressful part of wedding planning. Again our creative skills and negotiating skills enable us to deliver so much more than most couples could achieve on their own.
  4. Negotiation – A wedding planner not only asks the tough questions but also advocates on your behalf and represents your interests when it comes to dealing with venues and suppliers.
  5. Troubleshooting – We deal with the stressful stuff – last minute changes, supplier demands, guests requirements…everything that will ensure that your big day is stress free.
  6. Our little black book – We know who’s who in the industry and can cut down on time spent to find the perfect suppliers to compliment your big day.
  7. Logistics – The wedding planner is the go to person for all the fine details that a couple does not have time or the desire to handle.
  8. On the day co-ordination – Once all the planning is done, we make sure everything is done according to your vision on the big day and we’ll deal with any last minute snafus (there is always something!).
  9. Moderator – We understand that weddings are as much about the couple as it is about the families.  We help keep everyone on a even feel and will help manage expectations of all involved.
  10. Bringing your dreams to life – No explanation needed here…

We are here to make your dreams a reality so do contact us for a consultation and we can discuss how Lily & Lavender can make your dreams a reality.